Instructional videos for labRadar usage etc.

LabRadar Quick Start Guide

This video presents the basic setups for using Labradar.

How to udate LabRadar firmware

This video will walk you through upgrading you firmware for your LabRadar system.

If you are having trouble with this process please contact support at

Labradar – Operation

This video demonstrates how to navigate through the Labradar control buttons. You will learn how to create a new series, access series/shot data, view statistics and switch display screen views from Armed to Series. You will also see the correct way to insert your SD card and the uses of the micro USB port and the 3.5mm port.

Labradar – Prone use – Alignment

This video show how to use Labradar when shooting in the prone position as well as how to align Labradar with the target.


This video demonstrates how to align Labradar. See our Prone Shooting video for additional alignment information.

Labradar Muzzle Position

This video demonstrates the proper muzzle location for weapons with muzzle brakes and suppressors. It also shows the proper position when using the Air Gun Trigger Adapter.

Labradar Archery Adapter

Labradar provides release velocity and five additional velocities at distances selected by the user.

Labradar can also be used for firearms.

Labradar and its accessories are available at

LabRadar- Setting the Preferences Menu

This video shows the Preferences Menu for LabRadar. These settings are used to optimize the performance of the unit, set tracking distances, select standard or metric units, etc.


LabRadar Setup and Use

This video demonstrates how easy LabRadar is to set up and use. In less than two minutes it is removed from a bag, mounted, aligned and gathering accurate data.